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Chocolate And Banana?…As A Slimming Tablet?


Seeing the word ‘chocolate’ on a bottle of diet pills just seems wrong on so many levels. How can you lose weight taking the very thing that has been blamed for those extra pounds being there in the first place?

Your mind immediately imagines the smell of the chocolate and banana mix triggering your taste buds to follow.

However, the truth about Chocolate Banana slimming tablets is that it is just a brand name….and a yummy one at that! ;)

These diet pills have never seen let alone been near a banana or chocolate and do not contain any traces of those ingredients what-so-ever.



Who’s Behind Chocolate Banana?


This is very much a UK targeted, manufactured and marketed diet pill. Primarily, it is sold in sunbed shops alongside other products such as tan accelerators and fake tan solutions; but can also readily be found being sold on Ebay and Amazon.

It appears to have been around since 2006 and whilst there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information regarding it’s ingredients, there are numerous testimonials on its efficiency as a weight loss product.

It was very difficult to hunt down the official site; even a Google search for ‘Chocolate Banana diet pills official site’ did not bring it up on the search engine results. Eventually I typed into the address bar and found it!

The site has an 0844 number boldly displayed which is encouraging and a contact form but no address (or ingredients) to be found.  A little digging on the WhoIs register; the place to find out who owns websites, shows that the site has been registered by someone in Sheffield, UK.  I won’t display his details on here as I don’t think that’s fair, however they are readily available to the general public through a WhoIs search query.


Chocolate Banana Claims


Although it is mainly considered a weight loss tablet, the official Chocolate Banana site makes the following statement:


“The first thing that you should find is an increase in energy levels, this is a good sign that Chocolate Banana is at work. You also should notice that your appetite is curbed and you’re snacking less. Inches should also melt away from your body, as your body will also get rid of the extra water that it stores.


Chocolate Banana is also especially popular with people who don’t necessarily need to lose weight they just need extra energy for either a long shift at work, a busy day at home or just as a general pick me up.”



This gives the impression that the potential weight loss is a secondary factor and its main function is a ‘pick me up’… energy booster!

On their ‘About’ page they also state:


“Chocolate Banana have a mild suppressant effect and dieting is soooo much easier if you’re not as hungry!”


It also claims to be the first diet pill in the UK to be made into a tablet instead of a capsule. They seem to imply that this is somehow a better option for absorption into the body!

I do however agree that tablets can be easier to swallow than capsules for some people as capsules do have the annoying habit of floating in your mouth which can be very distracting.


Chocolate Banana Ingredients


What disturbs me the most about this product is that it is extremely hard to find out what the actual ingredients are.  Their official website gives nothing away which is worrying especially if you are a savvy dieter who wants to know what they are putting into their body.

Numerous searches reveal customers who have kindly disclosed what the ingredients are on forums such as

So here it is:

Cha de Bugre ~ this is also known as the ‘Brazilian Diet Pill’ and Cordia salicifolia.  Earlier bottles of Chocolate Banana contained Sida Cordifolia, but as that bears a close similarity to the banned Ephedra, it has been replaced in this product with Cha de Bugre.

Caffeine ~ a known stimulant and diuretic.

Naringun ~ which seems to be a misspelling of Naringin. Interpreted into laymans’ terms this is extract of grapefruit which is thought to be helpful in helping your body to burn off fats.


Warning: I cannot verify the amounts or confirm the accuracy of these ingredients due to a lack of official information on the Chocolate Banana site!


Chocolate Banana Side Effects


There appears to be a good cross section of customers who have experienced ‘the shakes’ and insomnia after taking this diet pill. Many are stating that their appetites are so suppressed that they have no desire for food at all and struggle to eat.

Whilst this may seem a good idea when you are desperate to shift the pounds; in the long term this could make your weight loss battles far worse.  Eating will keep your metabolism up (the higher your metabolism – the more calories you burn off). Stopping eating or not eating regularly causes your metabolism to dip and your body will begin to be very efficient with the calories it does get.

As a result, when you do start eating normally again which at some point you have to do, your body will be in starvation mode and hang on to those calories, storing them as fat.

When you hear of people crash dieting and then the weight coming back on worse than before; this is the reason!

Apart from making your weight gain issues far worse in the future, long periods of not eating could cause your body to not only consume the fat, but also the muscle as well. It does well to remember that your heart is a muscle too!

The shakiness or jitters that some have experienced is most probably attributable to the caffeine contained in these pills and many others on the market.  A bit like having a strong espresso on an empty stomach; the caffeine rush can feel quite unpleasant and panicky!


But Do Chocolate Banana Slimming Tablets Work?


There are some glowing reports about this product on places like and there are some reports that say it simply doesn’t work.

On closer inspection, the reports of weight loss seem to be quite old reviews, back in the day when the tablets contained Sida Cordifolia. There’s a distinct different in ratings when this was replaced with Cha de Bugre.

Pre Ingredient Change Testimonial:


“I was taking these pills for 6 months last year and lost a whopping 2 stone and i must say i felt fantastic!” -


Post Ingredient Change Testimonial:


Chocolate Banana Slimming Pills possibly illegal?

I tried these. They made me really ill. I took them to show my GP. He is of the opinion that they are illegal as the ingredients are misleading & there are no amounts of what each tablet contains. I got my money back from Tanned & Toned. I noticed that many of you ladies are on these. You may wish to continue if you are getting results, but I thought you should know what I have learnt about these slimming pills.

N.B   The latter, less than flattering testimonial stirred up a bit of a hornets nest with the product owner, Niki, actually posting a large thread in response.  It can be read here:


I would suspect that the manufacturers of Chocolate Banana anticipated that Sida Cordifolia may be banned and in order to keep in with regulations, switched this ingredient which was a safe and prudent thing to do.  Unfortunately, this seems to have been the downfall of the popular Chocolate Banana slimming tablet.


How Much Do They Cost?


They are pretty reasonable priced as diet pills go.  A bottle of 60 will cost you £21.50 from the official site, but they are also available in 30′s which are £12.00 and bottles of 8 (very strange!) at £4.50.

It is recommended that you take 2 tablets at 10am followed by another 2 tablets at 3pm although the manufacturers have stated that this is flexible. I am guessing that the bottle of 8 pills is for customers to just ‘have a go’ as there could not be any advantage to taking any diet pill for only 2 days!




Whilst it appears that Chocolate Banana slimming tablets were once very effective at shifting the pounds, the replacement of the Sida Cordifolia which was the key fat burning ingredient seems to have rendered them relatively ineffective.

Sida Cordifolia is under the watchful eye of the UK watchdogs and whilst not yet banned, is very close.  It is still available online however it bears a close resemblance to the US banned drug Ephedine and therefore is not recommended for safety reasons.

There are powerful diet pills available in the UK without having to resort to ones that are shady and covert about their ingredients. These diet pills have attained National Press reviews and have proved to have health benefits on top of weight loss as well.


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