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What better way to shed those unwanted pounds than to level out your blood sugars before each meal so you don’t feel as hungry? 

Well that is what Glucosulin claims to do along with other claims such as that their proprietary blend being clinically proven to “accelerate weight loss without changing your lifestyle”

So that interprets that you can carry on the same eating style (that got you overweight in the first place) don’t bother to take any extra exercise and Glucosulin will just magic away your fat?

Well, let’s see if there’s any strength to those big claims by taking a closer look at Glucosulins’ ingredients and any clinical trials.

They also offer a ‘Free Trial’ where you would receive two bottles of Glucosulin for just the cost of shipping. After which time if you do not cancel you will automatically be billed $79.95 + $7.80 S&H every 60 days.

Yikes a rebill scheme – this usually spells trouble! 8-O


Who Makes Glucosulin?


I hunted you the official Glucosulin website to find out a bit more about the company behind this product.  The site is fairly basic and very low on information however they do state their address, contact numbers, operating times and email so that’s a credit in their favor.

The company behind Glucosulin is Health Resource, LLC, 650 N. Rose Dr. #136, Placentia, CA 92870 USA. 

More on the way they operate later!


Glucosulin Ingredients


The official website states that the ingredients that makes up Glucosulin is:

Glucomannan – a fiber derived from Konjac Root that is said to swell when contact with water.

Sodium Alginate – a gum that’s extracted from brown algae. Commonly used as a stabilizer, thickener and emulsifier in foods.

Xanthum Gum – often used in foods as a stabilizer and appears of food labels as E number E415.

Mulberry Extract – slight evidence that Mulberry leaf (not extract) may slightly curb blood sugar spikes after eating. There is no evidence of weight loss though.

Gymnema sylvestre –  thought to curb the need for sweetness.

Chromium Picolinate – may have a mild anti depressant aspect however is described as a “poor choice as a nutritional supplement”.

There is little to no nutritional value at all in these ingredients, it all seems to be very ‘gum’ based and geared on swelling up in the stomach which is probably an attempt to halt hunger pangs.
No clinical evidence of weight loss has proved positive for these ingredients!


Is The Glucosulin Free Trial Really Free?


Let’s take a closer look at the Glucosulin free trial that’s offered on their website. The chance to order two bottles for only the shipping cost sounds very appealing doesn’t it?  The trouble is, many other poor unsuspecting buyers also thought so too and found that they experienced a whole heap of hassle!

The site states that you will have thirty days within which to cancel. If during that time you are not satisfied to simply call them and they will give you instructions to send the bottles back and that is the end of it.

You don’t have to look very far to see that there are a lot of unhappy people being re-billed despite their best efforts to cancel the Glucosulin free trial offer and seemingly complying to all the companies requirements.


“The women kept me on the phone forever and then bullied me into buying this product. She tried to sell me 13 other products that were all scams and pyramid scemes.

I tried three times to get information to send this stuff back and I kept hearing we will email you all the information you need to send this back. I never got it and was billed 100 dollars for junk they will not take back.

This stuff is useless and is like taking sugar pills. It does nothing to control appetite. This stuff is not worth the money and they try to pyramid you. I tried to get my money back and they did not give it me.”
Michele – Richmond, Virginia. USA


And Michele isn’t the only one to have problems. At the time of writing, Ripoff Report has 25 complaints about Glucosulin stating much the same problems – the unstoppable re-bill charges and vigorous cross selling.


“What glucosulin did was a bait and switch. They took my initial charge information and, without telling me, waited for more information to come in and then transferred everything to our other card (which was used once for vitamin purchase).

This card was only authorized for about $20 in purchases. they put $135 on it and stuck my husband and I with the overdraft and a bank relationship….. They actually took his card information from me after I asked if that was OK for them to do, and put my name on his card and charged an unauthorized charge of $99.96 on July 15, claiming that I did it!!

I was not even home.”$135.00


A you can see there is some very unscrupulous tactics with Health Resource, LLC but the complaints don’t stop there. It didn’t take me long to find that Glucosulin/ Health Resource, LLC have a class action going on against them for false claims in their advertising.

According to the details of the class action it is “is accusing Health Pure Products of violating the California Consumers Legal Remedies Act, Unfair Competition Law, False Advertising Law, and other violations.”


Is Glucosulin A Scam?


Well if you count re-billing customers after they have cancelled, using details from another parties credit card at all dubious then you have your answer.
A look at the Better Business Bureau ( reveals that this company also has several other names it trades under. These are, Glucosulin Health Resource, Health Resources, and Natural Healing Network.

According to the BBB they’re business is listed as “This company’s business is selling rare books (Natural Healing) Diabetes, ect.. via mail.”

Looks like diabetics are their primary target and the weight loss promises are what clinches the deal!

There’s also, at the time of writing, 28 complaints filed against this company with the Better Business Bureau as well!

These complaints are a mixture of advertising/sales issues, billing/collection issues and problems with product/service.  -


The Price Of Glucosulin


If you want to know the price of Glucosulin than that’s a tricky question to answer. The ‘Free Trial’ is meant to just be shipping costs which should be around $9.95 but if you’re unlucky – which you most probably will be – it could set you back a fair few hundred dollars until you manage to get it stopped plus a massive dose of irritation, annoyance, time, hassle and frustration!


Does Glucosulin Work?


The ingredients would suggest not. Whilst the official site states that it is clinically proven there is no evidence to back this claim.

The fact that there is a lawsuit against Glucosulin for making false claims also suggests that Glucosulin doesn’t work – attorneys’ don’t usually take on lawsuits unless they know there’s a good chance of winning!

The whole concept of curbing cravings from sugar spikes is partly true however just eating the right foods will avoid surges in blood sugars so what’s the use of Glucosulin.




There is so much damning evidence on Glucosulin from report after report about not being able to stop the high rate re-bills to false advertising claims that the search results are peppered with unhappy people who have fallen victim to these hard sell and shady sales tactics.

It is also very doubtful that this product actually works when it comes to burning fat and losing weight. The only aspect that it may produce would be to give you a slightly fuller feeling from the Glucomannan (Konjac root) that is added to Glucosulin.

It’s important to also mention that there have been reports of Glucomannan swelling in the esophagus causing breathing difficulties as well. Good products that contain Glucomannan safeguard against this by making an extra tough coating around their capsules to ensure it does not release before it reaches your stomach.

If it’s weight loss you are after then there are some good diet pills around that will deliver on their promises.


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