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There are thousands of searches every month for Plexus Slim aka the ‘pink drink’. As I had not heard of it before I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, what exactly Plexus Slim is, and more importantly; does it work?

The first thing that struck me was the way Plexus Slim and the optional Accelerator is marketed. Apart from the official site itself, Plexus Slim is also a Network Marketing scheme, which explains why I had not seen it on the store shelves.

A quick search on Google reveals that nearly all the sites talking about Plexus Slim are also selling it too so are what the company call ‘Ambassadors’ (a fancy alternative to Distributor and no doubts imparts a sense of self importance and ego scratching).

Looking at the price of Plexus Slim it’s not hard to see why it has attracted so many recruits. With a one off order setting you back $84.95 or a re-bill option of $79.95 per month the income potential is high.

Of course, if the product does live up to its claims and actually works then the price is justified and there should be no problem with anyone making a living from helping others.


Who Is Plexus Slim?


Plexus Slim Worldwide Inc was founded back in 2005 and is based in Arizona. The official site is typically what you would expect from a Network Marketing Company; cruise trips, flash cars and a ‘feel good’ financial security theme. It appears that you can either sign up to become an ‘Ambassador’ or buy the product directly from them. They do offer a free trial packet for you to test it out yourself as well which is a positive.

There are also several ways to be able to get in touch with the company as well. There is a contact form, phone and fax number, email and their full address is clearly visible which is all encouraging. :)

There appear to be no clinical test results displayed on their site although they appear to be claiming this on the back of clinical trials that have been performed on some of the Plexus Slim ingredients rather than the Plexus Slim finished product!

It also appears that Plexus Slim concept was originally targeted towards diabetics as a means of balancing blood glucose levels then revamped as a weight loss aid. Maybe the regulations for a diabetic product would have been too stringent and the largely unregulated weight loss industry was more appealing?


What Does Plexus Slim Claim To Do?


The main claims for Plexus Slim are:

  • Loss of inches from burning fat, not muscle
  • Healthy blood sugar levels
  • Healthy cholesterol and lipid levels
  • Increases will power from snacking
  • Guards against free radicals

It also states that there is no addition of caffeine or other stimulants to Plexus Slim so therefore the user should experience no jitters or insomnia.

Plexus Slim should be dissolved in 12 ounces of water 30 minutes before any meal just once a day.


What Are Plexus Slim Ingredients?


These ingredients were found on Plexus Slims’ website, they are:

 Polydextrose – The FDA have classified this a being a soluble fibre. It’s often used in everyday foods to replace calories and sugar. When mixed with citric acid and sorbitol it becomes E1200 on the food labels.

Citric Acid – This is quite often found in many soft drinks. It is a very weak but natural acid who’s task is to aid preservation. It also has quite a sour taste.

Beetroot – Quite simply; a vegetable. This is probably what gives Plexus Slim its pink color.
Grape Skin Extract – A known antioxidant which is most probably the ingredient of Plexus Slim that guards against free radicals that can build up in our bodies. You need to exercise caution with grape seed extract if you are on medications especially blood thinners as it may interfere with them!  

Lo Han – could not find out what this is at all. Even Wikipedia shrugged its shoulders and there was nothing at all linking lo han (whatever it is) to weight loss.

Stevia – is said to be 300 times sweeter than sugar without the calories or disruption to blood sugars. It has drawn a lot of attention to people who are reducing their carbohydrate intakes as it gives a sweet taste without the blood sugar spikes associated with sugar.

Chlorogenic acid – this is often found in bamboo, potatoes and certain fruits such as peaches and prunes.  It is also commonly present in coffee and black tea and there were some human testings done with Chlorogenic acid but they were not linked to weight loss rather a possible link to cardiovascular disease which remains inconclusive.

Citrin K – aka garcinia cambogia. “Hoffman LaRoche the large pharmaceutical giant, found it acted as an aid to weight loss by enhancing calorie burning, inhibiting fat and cholesterol accumulation, and controlling the appetite resulting in a reduced food intake. Garcinia cambogia does all of these things with no negative effect on the nervous system. It is being used widely in many diet weight loss products today.”

Oxypregnane steroidal glycoside – aka Hoodia Gordonii.  Despite there being a great deal of buzz about hoodia there is no clinical tests to show that taking it will bring about any weight loss at all. Care should be taken with hoodia as it can be detrimental if you suffer from heart or blood pressure issues.

Chromium – thought to keep blood sugar levels normal. It is also thought to help burn fat and build muscle so is very popular with athletes.


With the exception of chromium and polydextrose which may give you a full feeling there is not much in the way of tried and tested weight loss ingredients in Plexus Slim at all.

Their site also does not offer any quantity information to gauge if the amounts are enough to make a difference.


Is Plexus Slim A Scam?


I wouldn’t go as far as to say that Plexus Slim is a scam however it does appear to be marketed in a novel way being nicknamed the ‘Pink Drink’.

Whist there doesn’t seem to be any wild claims on the official site there appears to be a few bantered around by the ‘Ambassadors’ who are hot on making sales and this somewhat taints the product.


What’s The Price?


Plexus Slim is very expensive considering at best it may give you a mild appetite suppressant with a bit of fat burning from the chromium (which you can buy separately at a fraction of the price from high street stores).

The problem is that Plexus Slim is part of a business opportunity and as such, profits from sales have to be divided up between the person who has made the sale, their downline, their upline and of course the company itself.

It weighs in at a hefty $84.95 if you just want to buy a ‘one off’ supply however if you agree to a monthly billing it will be auto shipped to you for the princely sum of $79.95 on the 15th of each month.

There does not appear to be any negative reviews on these rebills and there is nothing recorded at the Better Business Bureau ( to suggest that there have been any complaints.

However, with the price difference being so minimal; why bother with rebills and take the risk?


Does Plexus Slim Work?


I have not managed to find any clinical trials of scientific studies relating to Plexus Slim. There are testimonials on their official site with plenty of before and after pictures but I wouldn’t consider that to be independent.

As I researched reviews I found many glowing testimonials but then they were usually followed with a website link to their own blogs selling it; they were obviously ‘Ambassadors’ wanting a sale!

Amongst this flush of positive reviews from those selling Plexus Slim, I did manage to find an independent review from one person who had tried this product:

“For me, I WILL NEVER TAKE THIS PRODUCT AGAIN.  Ended up at the minor emergency clinic when my blood pressure rose to significant danger levels.  The physician asked if there was anything different I had done in the past five days.  When I told him about PS he said to throw away immediately.  He had seen other patients who had drank the pink stuff and advised me to immediately throw away the pink stuff and especially the accelerator.” ElaineB53



What’s The Accelerator?


From what I can gather it is designed to be a stimulant so be careful as they don’t agree with everyone. 

The ingredient for the Accelerator is:

  • Dark Chocolate – ?????….Why?!?
  • Natural caffeine – can increase metabolism but can also give some users palpitations
  • Green Tea Extract – another probable source of caffeine
  • Valandium Chelate – no help with weight loss recorded
  • B-Phenylethylamine HCl – there has been some research to suggest this could be a neuro chemical.
  • GeranaX – there’s no reference to this substance anywhere but it may contain geranium.


B-Phenylethylamine HCl could be the reason that there has been rumours most probably stemming from ‘Ambassadors’ hungry for a sale that Plexus Slim can help with Lupus. This is not confirmed and there have been no clinical trials or scientific evidence to support this claim.

It is worth noting that on the official site’s Q&A section it warns against taking Plexus Slim if you are planning to take drug tests as you may show positive for amphetamines!!!!



There seems to be a great deal of hidden ingredients in Plexus Slim e.g. GeranX, and I find it disturbing that you may be found to test positive for amphetamines if you were to take a drug test. So it’s a definite ‘NO’ if you’re an athlete or entering any body building contests.

It’s incredibly expensive considering its ingredients have no clinical evidence when made up into Plexus Slim. Some ingredients have been tested individually and that seems to the basis of their claims.

I have not managed to find any genuine testimonials on positive results; all have been from ‘Ambassadors’ of Plexus Slim apart from one very damning comment by a user that experienced negative side effects.

There are other alternatives to this trendy drink that has no reported side effects at all, have been manufactured in FDA approved laboratories and do not try to entice you into monthly rebill – not to mention; they are a fraction of the price too!


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