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Described as “The first and only non-ephedra “diet pill” with a kick!”  Zantrex 3 is a popular choice for extreme dieters especially those that like to play around with combo-pilling.

It apparently contains a whopping 320mg of caffeine per serving of Zantrex 3 which is a lot!  The side effects you might imagine can be quite shocking.

This Zantrex 3 review will reveal the good, bad and ugly about this diet pill so you can decide for yourself if you want to throw caution to the wind and bite the bullet so to speak!

There are actually three products available in the Zantrex range. They are Zantrex 3, Zantrex 3 High Energy Fat Burner (red bottle) and Zantrex 3 power crystals.


What’s The Difference Between Zantrex 3, Zantrex Fat Burner and Zantrex Power Crystals?

Zantrex 3 (blue bottle) appears to be a heavily caffeine based weight loss pill. Zantex Fat Burner appears to be the same as the blue bottle but with an added fat burner as well and the power crystals look as though they are basically the same thing as the blue bottle but in drinkable form.

It has been stated by the Zoller Laboratories – the manufacturers -  that Zantrex 3 and Zantrex 3 Fat Burner are separate products, so I will be doing a separate review of the Zantrex 3 Fat Burner for you soon.


Who’s Behind Zantrex?


I firstly looked at the official site to find out all the information I could about Zantrex in order to give you an accurate review.  According to their site the makers of Zantrex 3 and all the other associated products are a company called Zoller Laboratories, 5742 West Harold Gatty Drive Salt Lake City, UT 84116.

Another diet pill from Utah, past reviews have shown that this is never a good sign!

Anyway, back to the official site.  The first thing that I found quite shocking was the lack of any information about ingredients. Seriously, it just isn’t on there at all!

The site is just filled with some really massive claims such as:


“546% more weight loss than the leading ephedra based diet pill.”


“we’re talking about rapid, significant weight loss and extreme energy, finally together in one power-packed Super Pill… 5 times more weight loss than the leading ephedrine-based diet pill* and all the energy you’ll ever want or need… day or night.”


There’s some irony in that last quote as it appears that many users have found that they are literally buzzing all night – and not in a good way either!

They do have a contact form, address and a toll free number on their site, which I guess is more than most diet pill companies from Utah give. However, when looking up their address on Google maps it appears to be some kind of industrial estate!


Zantex 3 Ingredients Revealed!


Well, the official site didn’t reveal anything however, Zoller Laboratories are selling Zantrex 3 on Amazon and they did put the ingredients on there although no amounts I’m afraid.

So, with a drum roll… goes!

Zantrex-3 contains a “proprietory” blend of:


  • Yerba Mate – very rich in caffeine
  • Caffeine – again caffeine (obviously :p)
  • Guarana – contains caffeine
  • Damiana – a wild shrub used to increase energy levelas and an aphrodisiac. Damiana is sometimes inhaled for a slight high.
  • Green Tea – contains caffeine
  • Kola Nut – contains high amounts of caffeine
  • Schizonepeta – generally used for eczema, common cold, fever, sore throat, psoriasis and heavy menstrual bleeding. There is a concern that schizonepeta might make liver disease worse. Don’t use it if you have a liver problem.
  • Piper Nigrum – black pepper used to increase your bodies internal heat.
  • Tibetan Ginseng – used to boost immunity and give a mood lift.
  • Panax Ginseng – Panax ginseng is used for improving thinking, concentration, memory and work efficiency, physical stamina, and athletic endurance.
  • Maca Root – used to treat sexual dysfunction (yes, really!)
  • Cocoa Nut – one of the main ingredients of chocolate and again rich in caffeine
  • Thea Sinensis Complex – cannot find what thea sinensis complex is anywhere – even Wikipedia hasn’t heard of it!

Other Ingredients may Include: Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate, Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Fd&c Blue No. 1, Titanium Dioxide, Gelatin.

Weight Control Components: Yerba Mate, Guarana, and Damiana.

It’s just caffeine, caffeine and even more caffeine!

Don’t misunderstand me, I love my coffee and I really don’t get into action or even resemble a human being in the morning without that first fresh ground cup. But I think I’d struggle with a dose of 320mg of caffeine.

No wonder there’s been some reported Zantrex 3 side effects and less than flattering reviews about Zantrex 3!


Snooki And Zantrex 3


Snooki, the star from Jersey Shore fame has been ‘accidentally on purpose’ seen to be carrying a blue bottle of Zantrex 3 in her bag.  Of course, it’s pretty obvious that it was meant to be seen and wasn’t really a secret hence she’s plastered all over the Zantrex 3 site.

Snooki’s well known for having long term battles with her weight and tends to yo-yo a lot. Hollywood stars do tend to keep on top of the latest diet pills as the spotlight is always on them to look fantastic but I’ve got to say that this one is a bit overdone in my opinion.

Apparently she even tweeted about using Zantrex 3 and when did a report on her endorsement they added this quote:


“This is outrageous. It’s a perfect example of bad endorsement. It’s a quick fix, potentially a dangerous one, and celebs may have a high profile, but they’re often not very credible sources,” says Dr Keith Ayoob, associate professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Considering Zantrex-3 is known to raise heart rate in some cases, Dr. Carl Lavie, Director of the Stress Testing Lab at John Ochsner Heart and Vascular Institute notes that exercising on this pill could be bad for the heart.



Oh dear Snooki, could this possibly be a paid endorsement?  I wonder if she let them use images of her on their website?…….you bet she did!


What Are Zantrex 3 Reviews Saying?


There are some reviews that are reporting that Zantrex 3 does work however even the positive ones are recommending that you cut the dosage by at least half.  Many have been left temporarily feeling quite ill but have thankfully not suffered any long term bad effects to the best of my knowledge.

I’ve picked out a few so you can see at a glance exactly where I’m coming from when it comes to side effects of using Zantrex 3.


Only take this if you need…

During the two weeks I took the pills I did not see any weight loss results, but around 7pm at night, I would feel jittery, like I wanted to crawl out of my skin. In addition, my coworkers thought I was on illegal drugs because I was so wired.” Michelle S Carey


made me sick

this does not work it made me so sick i took it everyday for a week with food and it made me so light headed and jittery it was a werid felling something i had never felt before so i stopped taking them and threw them it the trash DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!  CLF88


Yes, it really works, but not without negatives

I started taking the recommended dosage a day and my heart was palpitating like CRAZY; To the point that while I was CASUALLY walking, I had to stop and hold my chest.–a HUGE red flag…..I could not look at food without feeling like crap and whenever I did indeed eat, I felt even worse. Did I lose weight? YES! I lost 17 pounds in two weeks, but, it’s not worth feeling like your heart is about to explode. – Makeda DeJene “The Grim Phreaker”




This is basically Red Bull in a pill. The increased energy seems to be derived mostly from introducing an extremely high amount of caffeine into your system.  Caffeine, if taken in large doses like this can cause insomnia, confusion, headaches, really bad jitters and worst of all; increased heart rate.

Definitely don’t even consider taking this if you have a sensitivity to caffeine or have any heart problems or get palpitations as it considered by many doctors to be downright dangerous.

I’m also not okay with the concept of ‘extreme’ or ‘fast’ weight loss. It’s already been universally accepted that losing weight steadily and consistently and taking regular exercise with a healthy eating plan is the best way to lose the weight and keep it off.

Try Zantrex 3 if you dare!

However, if you don’t fancy feeling like your head doesn’t belong to you and your heart is about to explode; try reading my review below!



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