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ZXT Gold Bee Pollen Capsules have been creating quite a stir amongst slimmers’ looking to lose weight.

 Many people are seeking a natural solution to the kind of diet pills that are pumped with chemicals that tend to come with undesirable side effects.

 So what could be more natural than bee pollen; although this statement kind of makes me chuckle as bees produce honey not pollen – that comes from the flowers!

That aside, does ZXT Gold work and what are the active ingredients in ZXT Gold that could possibly give the user some weight loss benefits?


Who Makes ZXT Gold?


The company behind ZXT bee pollen products is called Floyd Nutrition LLC.  Looking at their official sites’ contact form they only provide a P.O. box number for their address which is disappointing.  The address is listed as P.O. Box 60781, Harrisburg, Pa 17106.

They do provide a toll free number, fax number, email address and a live chat facility.

Floyd Nutrition LLC also supplies other products such as vitamins and minerals, bee pollen products, senna  ( laxative that has had suspicious side effects) and other weight loss supplements focused around the bee pollen niche.

No clinical trials or scientific studies are evidenced on the official ZXT Gold site.


ZXT Gold Claims


The official site states that ZXT Gold supports the body for fat loss, inhibits appetite, increases energy levels and eliminates toxins from the body as well.

Here’s a quote from the site:

“Just two capsules a day and watch the weight disappear.”

They also state that there is no need to change your eating habits or take more exercise either! So I’m assuming that if you are used to eating burgers and cream cakes every day then carry on and the weight will magically drop off just by taking 2 of these capsules a day?


ZXT Gold Ingredients


It’s time to take a close look at ZXT Gold’s ingredients as it actually contains more than just bee pollen.
The Ingredients Are:


  • Bee pollen
  • Chinese yams
  • Green Tea
  • Lotus Seed
  • Dietary Fiber

I’m going to analyze each one to see where the weight loss claims derive from.


Chinese Yams – used in Chinese cuisine and is added to noodles or can be grated and used to bind ingredients together. No references to weight loss was found.


Bee Pollen -  whilst bee pollen has been used as a traditional medicine for hundreds of years, it has mainly been used to treat conditions such as constipation, prostatic conditions and is thought to bring ease to premenstrual menopause. No evidence of weight loss has been found.


Green Tea – Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine it is thought to be a stimulant along with a remedy for indigestion and fatigue.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_tea


Lotus Seed – commonly sold in Chinese street markets as snacks as they are believed to be highly nutritious. No clinical or scientific studies have been found linking it to weight loss though.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lotus_seed


Dietary Fiber – this just refers to some form of fiber that has been added to ZXT Gold; it’s very vague but it most probably added as a bulking agent to help you feel more full and hence eat less?


Another interesting point I discovered on my research travels is that there are tight legislation on how pollen is marketed in the USA. The US Food and Drug Administration do not allow any health claims to be made by marketers in the US in relation to pollen; even though there have been no negative side effects found with it.
Here’s the quote:


“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not found any harmful effects of pollen consumption, except from the usual allergies. However, FDA does not allow pollen marketers in the United States to make health claims about their produce, as no scientific basis for these has ever been proven. Furthermore, there are possible dangers not only from allergic reactions but also from contaminants such as pesticides and from fungi and bacteria growth related to poor storage procedures. A manufacturers’s claim that pollen collecting helps the bee colonies is also controversial.”  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pollen

Which raises the question of whether Floyd Nutrition is acting illegally by advertising ZXT Gold Bee Pollen Capsules as an aid to weight loss?……..just a thought!


ZXT Gold Bee Pollen Reviews


So far I’ve not managed to find any evidence that and of the ingredients in ZXT Gold is remotely linked to any weight loss studies.  However, there does appear to be more than a few positive reviews from users around the Internet that are claiming that ZXT Gold bee pollen is working wonders for their weight loss and well being.

Naturally, if someone is using this and getting great results then I’m genuinely pleased for them, but it does leave me scratching my head and wondering how!

So, I scoured beneath the surface to see if there was something that I had missed – a magic ingredient that was making this weight loss possible with no changes in lifestyle!

Low and behold – here’s what I found!


Hidden Ingredients!


On June 29th 2012 Health Canada announced that they had seized consignments of ZXT Gold Bee Pollen Capsules as they had found them to contain more than the stated ingredients.

What they found was that in addition to what was on the label, there was also sibutramine and phenolphthalein present.

Sibutramine used to be used as a treatment for obesity until it was banned by the FDA and Health Canada due to it being associated to serious health risks. It was linked to heart attacks, strokes, increased blood pressure, dry mouth, insomnia and constipation.

Phenolphthalein was also used as a laxative but was banned as it was believed to be linked to cancer, skin rashes, low blood pressure and gastrointestinal bleeding!

Could this be the reason for all the positive ZXT Gold reviews?

You can read about Health Canadas’ findings and public health announcement here


Another Theory On ZXT Gold


There are several weight loss products under the umbrella of ZXT on Floyd Nutritions’ website and they used to stock and sell Zi Xiu Tang which is basically filled with laxatives.

They also sell senna which is a strong natural laxative that should never be used if you have any bowel problems, high blood pressure or kidney problems.

Laxatives have been used as a crude way to achieve weight loss. They create a fast action in the bowel which inhibits absorption of the nutrients in your food and can lead to deficiencies but worse still may reduce the effectiveness of the muscles of the intestines that palpate to pass undigested food through.

 Extreme cases of long term laxative use may lead to spastic colon where you then become dependent on the laxative in order to pass stools – very dangerous!

The ingredients of ZXT Gold is practically the same as Zi Xui Tang bar a couple of tweaks which makes me wonder if the initials ZXT stand for Zi Xui Tang?

Could this be another reason for any weight loss success stories? Could it be that the product gives the same results as taking a laxative?


Is ZXT Gold Now Banned?


Whilst thankfully there have been no adverse reactions as yet to ZXT Gold, none the less Health Canada is pulling the product from their shelves.

 There have been no reports of the FDA doing this as yet but the FDA to tend to be rather reactive as opposed to proactive, meaning that they will probably act if/when someone becomes ill or seriously injured.




I have managed to find no weight loss evidence for any of the officially listed ingredients of ZXT Gold Bee Pollen.  Whilst, there does appear to be some positive reviews about the product it does make me question whether this could be due to the possible  presence of sibutramine and phenolphthalein that was reported by Health Canada!


Undisclosed ingredients is always a red flag for me anyway!


These reviews could also be from a laxative effect as the ingredients bare an uncanny resemblance to Zi Xui Tang – again not a good idea to lose weight using laxatives!

Obviously you have to ultimately draw your own conclusion from the information I have armed you with. What I will add though is that there are some products available that do not hide ingredients, have clinical trial results available and contain legal, active weight loss ingredients that have resulted in no bad side effects and many happy slimmers.


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Hi, I'm Natalie Cooper, founder of the Diet Pill Review Site. The aim of the site is to help consumers from being scammed or becoming ill from many of the slimming aids that are available on the market today. Find me at on Google+

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